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By adopting sustainable measures, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses strive to operate in harmony with the environment, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance guest experiences for present and future generations.

Domestic Waste Bin

Waste buildup from food and plastic packaging

  • Implementing composting or recycling systems that can be coordinated with waste collectors

  • ​Opt for compostable or sustainably produced packaging for amenities​

Hanging Brass Lamps

Nonrenewable energy sources to produce electricity

  • Motion sensored and LED lights to reduce energy consumption

    • Cost of maintenance will be low because they last much longer than incandescent light bulbs​

  • Cleaner energy sources like solar power

    • Often subsidized by the government, making them cheaper​

  • Electric or natural gas powered vehicles for customers traveling from hotels or airports

Hotel Pool

Water wastage 

  • Low-flow faucets, shower-heads, toilets, etc.

    • Lower utility bills with reduced water usage​

  • Share facts with customers to enforce water conservation strategies

    • Increased customer engagement​

  • Drought resistant landscaping to save watering costs

Hotel Desk Check-In

Competition with others

  • Obtain green building certifications (LEED)

    • Appeal to sustainable customers

    • Qualify for government incentives, grants, subsidies

    • Improves brand image

Fresh Vegetables for Sale

Increased costs through inflation

  • Turn to locally cultivated produce

  • Promote plant based diets (meat industry has rising inflation rates)​

    • Appeal to vegetarian or vegan customers​

    • Save money on produce

Outdoors Meeting

Lack of customer engagement

  • Share facts with customers to enforce water conservation strategies

  • Create loyalty rewards system for customers using eco-friendly practices

    • Appeals to eco-tourists and sustainable customers​

Hotel Door Lock

Unsustainable checkin/checkout processes

  • Electronic bills

    • Saves paper​

  • Digital keycards rather than plastic

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