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About us

Good4Earth is a social enterprise dedicated to simplifying sustainability through the lens of business strategy, data and technology. Our platform takes our customers through a journey of learning, engaging and acting to further the cause of environment sustainability that drives operational efficiency. innovation and brand loyalty.

Team of Industrial Engineers
All Hands In

Our team

We have a very well rounded team who come from various walks of life. These professionals span their expertise across domains like technology, environmental law, environmental journalism, creatives, business, strategy & operations. The golden thread of sustainability ties us all together towards a passion to leave this earth a better place than we found it. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is part of our company DNA along with values like creating a positive impact, trustworthiness, customer centricity.

Our mission

Our mission is to demonstrate that every one of us has the capability to make a beneficial impact on our planet and that the work we do today nurtures our future generations.

Our values

Good4Earth inspires our community to adopt environmentally responsible behaviors by providing trusted solutions. We empower individuals & organizations to choose actionable and personalized solutions that can be easily integrated into their lives & business. Celebrating these eco-friendly behavioral changes unite the generation of today and nurture the generation of tomorrow.

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Our story

 After a rich and successful corporate career of 20+ years focusing on technology, program management, strategy and operations in companies like Cornerstone OnDemand, Warner Bros, Coca-Cola to develop, manage, and strategize their B2B product, services, data and technologies, I’ve decided pursue Good4Earth to leave a better planet for our future generations. This is truly personal to me as my daughters made me realize how climate change would affect their generation.

~ Payal Shah, Founder.

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